Gift Guide for Grown Up Goths 2014

As much as I’d love to just point you to my post below on great books to give a goth at Christmas, not even Goths can live on books alone… so I present to you now my picks for lovely objects I’ve come across that would make wonderful gifts for the Goth in your life. (Or yourself!) As with last year, I’ve generally avoided clothing and other things that need to be sized to fit, and rank them from modestly priced items into more luxurious splurges. And there is definitely a focus on high-quality gifts for adults. Because do we really need more cheap plastic crap?

Merry Christmas and may all your holiday wishes come true….

Vampire NailsTake those pointy stiletto nails to the next level with these silver rings, tipped with tiny red “blood drop” jewels. But don’t wear them to the vampire movies because they’re not very good at picking up popcorn.

Ostrich Feather Pen $18.95


All pens are mighty but this one, combining a ballpoint with feathers and olde tyme brass handle, is perfect for late-night musing.

Studded Kiss Lipstick in Gothica $26

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.13.49 PMCall me biased, but I think everyone should have one of these Gothica lipsticks from Kat Von D. The shade is an on-trend metallic bronze and the studded, shiny case is the coolest ever.

Bat NecklaceThe mouth of this bat, carved from walnut wood, is both whimsical and scary. Just like the babybat in your household. (Or in you.)

Edgar Allan Poe Action Figure $12.95

edgar_allan_poe_action_figureI highly suggest you make him fight your Dracula and Alien figurines and let me know who wins.

Spiked Latex Clutch by House of Etiquette $110

HOE Clutch

Latex: it’s not just for fetishists, it’s also for fashionistas who love shiny things. A clutch purse is a one-size-fits-all must-have.

Dragon Cast Iron Teapot $189.95

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.05.26 PMWinter is upon us, time for tea. And if you indulge on a regular basis it’s time to own a proper cast iron teapot. This one featuring an imperial dragon design should bring you good fortune.

Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock $240.99

nightmare-before-christmas-cuckoo-clock-3Hear “This is Halloween” on the hour with this limited-edition light-up musical clock featuring fave characters from Nightmare Before Christmas. Watch a video of how it lights up here. 

“Mercy” Vampire Doll by Sara Deck $277

Deck DollThere’s just the one of these handmade art dolls, adorable with her bonnet, shawl and bloody fangs. A most unique and special gift.


Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf $354

McQueen scarfYou know there’s always a McQueen item on my list every year. This men’s silk scarf is divine soft, full of skulls, and not crazy out of reach.


Unicorn Tapestries Throw and Pillow $115

medievalBeauty and warmth. For the Romantic-Goths and medievalists! 

Iron Hourglass $78

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.37.07 PM

Because the sands of time don’t stop at Christmas. Bring back this classic piece to your desk, den or anywhere in your home you’d like to be reminded that life is short. 2015 is just around the corner – make every moment count.  

Goth Guy Gift Guide 2013

By request….for the gents…. 12 wickedly cool gift ideas for boys and men of the goth or punk rock persuasion!

To stuff a stocking (under $25)

Cat skull

Cat Skull T-shirt ($22)
If your guy loves both cats and skulls, put a bow on that keeper and grab one of these shirts for him. The clever design is purr-fect.

Biohazard Socks ($8)
Hot stuff, coming through. From Portland’s Sock Dreams, which also sells men’s socks in circuit board, mummy, and, of course, the skull and crossbones.

Hot Sauce in a Coffin ($17.95)
“Bloody Bat Hot Sauce” has cayenne pepper and garlic in it, and comes in a cedar coffin for gift giving.


For the nice and the naughty (under $100)

skull votive

Skull Votive Holder ($54)
Skulls. Candles. What else do you need to know. Oh,  is made of solid pewter and fits a standard votive.

Kern Noir Photobook ($varies)
Sure, there are naked photos of women everywhere. But a collection of Richard Kern’s black and white fetish portraits is still a rather nice thing to have. This one is out of print so hunt around for the best condition/price.

An Axe. ($39)
Yeah, whether or not there is an actual Axe Throwing League in your city, doesn’t every bad-ass man need his own weapon?


ascotSilk Ascot ($32.95)
Because Goth men actually know what an ascot is.

Evil Dead The Musical ($20-$80)
Gifting tickets to arts and culture is both noble and fun. And I can think of no musical that would appeal to a guy with a dark side more than this romp through Evil Dead. Blood. Boobs. Chainsaws. Demons. Playing to January 5 in Toronto.

Reaper Rosary ($40)
Ain’t nothing wrong with men wearing jewelry. This rosary of jet black Swarovski beads with a skull is a nice one for all the androgynous boys in your life.

Bluebeards Revenge ‘Cut Throat’ Shaving Kit
Because goths are the one true hold-outs to the beard craze, keep him clean shaven with this gift set from UK dealer Bluebeards Revenge. Shaving cream, balm, a fancy brush and a “cut throat” razor for that Sweeney Todd role play night.


Splurgesville ($150 and way up)

Skull Cufflinks from Alexander McQueen ($175)
Who says only ladies deserve presents from McQueen? The design house makes several kinds of skull cufflinks but I like these ones best, silver finish brass with a ghostly Victorian skull encased in glass.

Memento Mori Watch ($209)
Tick, tock, tick tock….every second closer to death. This all-black watch features hands with the message “Remember…. you will die.”

John Varvatos Buckle Boot ($1198)
There are buckle boots. Then there are super duper fancy “Engineer Triple Buckle Boot” from John Varvatos.  Goth as fuck, for grown-ups.



Goth Girl Gift Guide 2013

Happy pre-Holidays. Presenting, for your gift giving convenience, my second (annual?) list of beautiful things I think goth girls would like to receive in a pretty box under the Xmas tree. As with last year, I’ve avoided clothing or things you need to try on, and plastic crap from China with skulls. There are also many, many books, lots of music, and of course excellent charities to support, all worth your attention. But let’s start with these….12 items to get your shopping started, including a few fantasy shopping items — because one of these days maybe Santa will stop at the McQueen store….

Modest Pleasures (under $50)

ringJudas Cross Ring by Gasoline Glamour ($44)

Oversized crucifix rings are everywhere this year. This one, in matte black, is particularly bold, and well crafted and, of course, excellent protection from the vampires in your midst.


Black Diamond Nail Polish ($25)

Many companies make black nail polish. Only Azature makes black polish with a diamond in it.  Just the one diamond, mind you. If you have a spare $250,000 sitting around, Azature will sell you their deluxe version: 267 carats in every bottle.  But I think most of us would rather nab the $25 one, and save our 1/4 million dollars for a castle by the sea.

Fairy Stationery Set ($18)
Write out love notes, poems, or even a will on a notepad and matching envelopes in your choice of Earth, Water or Fire fairy design from Enchanted Studios.


White Chocolate Crow Skull  ($20)
Life size cast of an actual carrion crow skull made into 100% pure Belgian chocolate. One of many strange and unusual items from the new Morbid Anatomy on-line shoppe.

Sophie Lancaster Foundation Tote Bag ($14.99)
“Weirdo. Mosher. Freak.” Take back these insults and support the S.O.P.H.I.E. Foundation’s mission to reduce prejudice and fight hate crimes with this bag, available in red, blue, purple and green.

Chocolatetote bag

“Recluse” Felt Pennant ($14)
Show your true team colours (black, and anti-social) with this pennant from Montreal artisans Stay Home Club screen-printed with the word “recluse.” Also available in “I don’t care” and “hibernate.”



Spoil Me (under $200)

candleCoiled Beeswax Candle ($55)

A goth girl can never have too many candles. This one is not only beeswax and burns for 50 hours, it’s in a unique and beautiful coil with brass base. From Kat Von D’s Wonderland Gallery. Uber.

Latex Thigh-Highs by House of Etiquette ($185)

I know I said no clothing but if your lady has long legs and knows how to use them, she deserves these latex stockings. Come in a variety of colours but I like the classic Cuban.

“The Raven” Duvet Cover ($166)

Perfect for memorizing poetry in bed, the full text from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” printed on a duvet cover. Classy and classic.. (Price is for Queen size.)



Serious splurges! ($500 and up)


Alexander McQueen Stained Glass Clutch ($525)
C’mon Santa! In the world of McQueen purses, this one is a bargain. Medievalists especially will appreciate the stained glass print on this canvas clutch, perfectly sized for your keeping your secrets.

Onyx Teardrop Pendant ($995)

Black onyx, goth girl gemstone of choice, is set in a beautiful mesh cap and chain of 18k rose gold. Keepsake for the ages.

Peter Murphy original artwork by Vincent Marcone ($541)

Peter Murphy is the inspiration and subject for this gorgeous  painting by Vincent Marcone, titled “His Scarlet Voice.” One of the limited-edition large prints will set you back a few bones but how much would you pay to have the Bauhaus vocalist hanging out in your bedroom?  (Smaller giclee prints are available for under $50.)