A London (Ontario) Launch

One of the best things about having a book out is going to other cities and meeting new people. While a cross-Canada Gothica tour is not yet in the cards, Gary Pullin and I are getting in the car and taking our little roadshow to London, Ontario this week. It’s Gary’s hometown and we have many cool friends there. For those of you in the Southern Ontario area, I hope you will join us for another evening of conversation, art and music. Oh, and great prizes. It’s free. Come out, come out.

Thursday, October 13
Nite Owl,
353 Talbot Street
Doors at 8pm. Interview at 9pm. Free
Author interview by Christine Canning. Art by Gary Pullin. Music by DJ Timothy Glasgow

Poster by Sarah Legault

Festival of Fear this weekend. Elvira and Me! (And you?)

For some people in Toronto, the end of summer is heralded by the opening of the Ex.  For me, I know it’s about the time to dust off the autumnal velvets by the arrival of Festival of Fear, the horror convention presented by Rue Morgue as part of the massive FanExpo con. It’s where fans of all things spooky or gory queue up for hours/converge to buy stuff, get said stuff autographed by cult heros of the genre, geek out with others about the stuff they just got signed. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of this kind of frenzied consumption, but I am very pleased to be involved in some of the programming that is not just about buying shit. This year more than ever, I have a bunch of FoF activities to crow about for those coming out to the show. Because of the Encyclopedia Gothica, I’m even listed as a “Guest.” Neat! (Sadly, copies will not be available for sale, the book is still at the printers.) Here’s where to find me:


Q&A with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! You read that right… I’m going to be interviewing one of the universe’s most famous vamps. No, I will not be competing with her cleavage. Yes, I will be asking her about the pinball machine. 1pm (Hall G)

My own signing! Well, alongside Ghoulish Gary Pullin. We’ll be promoting Encyclopedia Gothica with posters and handshakes and kind words written in blood. Also swing by Gary’s own booth for exclusive prints from the book. 4pm (ECW Booth 219)


Horror Non-Fiction: From Passion to Paycheque. On a panel with vampire/Goth Bible author Nancy Kilpatrick, vampire diaries expert Crissy Calhoun and Nikki Stafford, moderated by Rue Morgue’s Monica S. Kuebler. We’ll discuss how to “make it” as a fan-turned-professional. 1pm (Room 715B)

Steven Severin’s Music for Silents. A perfect way to end your weekend, with art and ambience. Severin you may remember was co-founder of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and thus, a bonafide original Goth music legend. He’ll be performing solo, a live score to Cocteau’s Blood of a Poet, followed by a Q&A interview by myself, and a meet/greet. Come early for the dark drones of Toronto duo Kalte. 9pm (Drake Hotel)

So please, once you’ve braved the queues and the crowds, do come say hello in person, as I do not bite much during the daylight hours. Much. You can also follow my adventures from home as I will be tweet tweeting throughout the weekend.