Is seeing your book listed on Amazon for the first time a little like seeing your baby in an ultrasound photo? Perhaps. I was pretty proud and overwhelmed to note the Encyclopedia Gothica is now available for pre-order, world-wide! (Yes, I found this out because I Googled my own name. Who doesn’t?) And so, those people who enjoy pre-ordering books months in advance, now is your chance! Get it here:

Amazon Canada

Amazon USAAmazon UK

Amazon Japan!!!

Of course, I love independent bookstores to death. And so you can also hassle them to order it for you through ECW/IPG books. As the release date approaches, I will delight in sharing plans for our launch party and other special events.

4 thoughts on “Pre-Orders”

  1. Hi Liisa, I’m preparing the cataloguing in publication record for your book for Library and Archives Canada and I was hoping you could confirm your nationality for me. Thanks!

  2. Enter your comments here…
    Hi Liisa, sorry I missed you
    Congratulations on publishing your book.

    My best wishes…..Greig Stewart

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