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“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” —Rumi

As a freelancer, I’m always up to something new. Which is how I like it. That can make My Work hard to summarize! But let’s try…

I’m a writer. I write articles, mostly. Sometimes books, or documentaries, or poems, or,  lately, jokes. My areas of expertise are music, arts and entertainment, goth, vampires and other shadowy things. Below, you’ll find select recent reviews, interviews and feature articles.

I’m also a producer. Of documentaries, and other digital content. I work regularly with Toronto’s Banger Films, as a producer of the all-metal YouTube channel BangerTV. I also co-wrote their feature documentary Satan Lives!

In 2016, I founded Bombshell Productions, to make documentaries by women, for everyone. Our first project was the fashion video 40 Years of Goth Style.

My full resume on LinkedIn.
My film/TV production credits on imdb.

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