Here in Canada, it’s the start of Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t generally make a fuss about that; I don’t eat turkey after all, and when you’re a freelance writer, you don’t really take those long weekend holidays off from work anyhow.  But I am feeling particularly grateful this year. It’s been a dizzyingly wondrous week for me. Encyclopedia Gothica hit bookstores in North America. I held my Toronto launch party, an evening filled with friends and supporters and much laughter, not to mention glittery Ouija boards, after which The Onion’s AV club called me “Goth as Fuck.” I’ve been guest blogging for the National Post’s Afterword.  My home office is perfumed by the many flowers I’ve been showered with all week long, smelling now of that period between bloom and decay.

I am determined to enjoy every small moment of this, and celebrate each small victory. And I thank you, unknown reader, if you’ve had any part of it. Happy Thanksgiving.

Deep, dark thanks to everyone involved in the Toronto launch, including Sarah Dunn for this photo.

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