Goth Guy Gift Guide 2013

By request….for the gents…. 12 wickedly cool gift ideas for boys and men of the goth or punk rock persuasion!

To stuff a stocking (under $25)

Cat skull

Cat Skull T-shirt ($22)
If your guy loves both cats and skulls, put a bow on that keeper and grab one of these shirts for him. The clever design is purr-fect.

Biohazard Socks ($8)
Hot stuff, coming through. From Portland’s Sock Dreams, which also sells men’s socks in circuit board, mummy, and, of course, the skull and crossbones.

Hot Sauce in a Coffin ($17.95)
“Bloody Bat Hot Sauce” has cayenne pepper and garlic in it, and comes in a cedar coffin for gift giving.


For the nice and the naughty (under $100)

skull votive

Skull Votive Holder ($54)
Skulls. Candles. What else do you need to know. Oh,  is made of solid pewter and fits a standard votive.

Kern Noir Photobook ($varies)
Sure, there are naked photos of women everywhere. But a collection of Richard Kern’s black and white fetish portraits is still a rather nice thing to have. This one is out of print so hunt around for the best condition/price.

An Axe. ($39)
Yeah, whether or not there is an actual Axe Throwing League in your city, doesn’t every bad-ass man need his own weapon?


ascotSilk Ascot ($32.95)
Because Goth men actually know what an ascot is.

Evil Dead The Musical ($20-$80)
Gifting tickets to arts and culture is both noble and fun. And I can think of no musical that would appeal to a guy with a dark side more than this romp through Evil Dead. Blood. Boobs. Chainsaws. Demons. Playing to January 5 in Toronto.

Reaper Rosary ($40)
Ain’t nothing wrong with men wearing jewelry. This rosary of jet black Swarovski beads with a skull is a nice one for all the androgynous boys in your life.

Bluebeards Revenge ‘Cut Throat’ Shaving Kit
Because goths are the one true hold-outs to the beard craze, keep him clean shaven with this gift set from UK dealer Bluebeards Revenge. Shaving cream, balm, a fancy brush and a “cut throat” razor for that Sweeney Todd role play night.


Splurgesville ($150 and way up)

Skull Cufflinks from Alexander McQueen ($175)
Who says only ladies deserve presents from McQueen? The design house makes several kinds of skull cufflinks but I like these ones best, silver finish brass with a ghostly Victorian skull encased in glass.

Memento Mori Watch ($209)
Tick, tock, tick tock….every second closer to death. This all-black watch features hands with the message “Remember…. you will die.”

John Varvatos Buckle Boot ($1198)
There are buckle boots. Then there are super duper fancy “Engineer Triple Buckle Boot” from John Varvatos.  Goth as fuck, for grown-ups.



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