Goth Band Family Tree….now alive!

Today we launched the web version of the Goth Band Family Tree that appears at the back of my book. Check it out here:

The concept for the tree was lifted, admittedly, from the documentary Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey by Banger Films. They took all the subgenres of heavy metal and grouped them into a genealogical-type chart, listing the key bands for each style.  I knew (because I worked at Banger after the film came out) how insanely popular this chart was. I also knew Goth had a similar kind of evolution, and thought it would be fun to chart its course. And so…

Post-punk: my fave subgenre on the Goth Band Tree

I drew up my Goth Band chart and the book’s illustrator Gary Pullin make it work visually. Then, my design and development hero Deane Hughes was enlisted to bring it alive for the web. I’m personally very anti-piracy and it was important to send visitors to the band’s sites while also giving them a taste of music. I am delighted with what Deane came up with.

Of course, I expect people to argue over the list. I couldn’t possibly include everyone on there. I forgot some, and others were left out for a reason.  It’s also difficult to slot certain bands into one category. (Really, what would you do with Marilyn Manson?) But I felt it was important to try. Because for me, music is the centerpiece of Gothdom. I realize that for some, in fact many, babybats, it’s all about the clothes and the lifestyle accessories. But music was my gateway into this world, and it remains what binds me to it, as much as my obsessions with velvet, poetry and graveyards. Even if I don’t like all that many new Goth bands. And so I await the hate mail, and hopefully suggestions to make the tree better, or expand my musical horizons. I remember showing the chart-in-progress to one Goth friend who recommended I include the Virgin Prunes. They were a new discovery for me, one I now recommend to others. So whether visitors are learning about new bands or old bands for the first time, this pleases me.  It is the point.

I am grateful for the work that Gary and Deane did for me on this project and I hope that you will help us spread the word about it far and wide. Think of it as a very cheap Christmas present from you to me. Tweet, tweet!

3 thoughts on “Goth Band Family Tree….now alive!”

  1. I looked at Lisas chart for putting bands in these categorys and Siouxsie and the Banshees isnt PUNK!! thats all I had to say and that just bugged me and why does Lisa wear such Preppy clothes and she isnt actually a goth herself. but she wrote the Goth Encyclopedia but isnt really a goth????? i not trying to be smarmy but u know I would like her more is she was realllly a goth.

  2. I’d like to see where the following fall on your Goth Band Family Tree:

    And One (
    Blut Engel (
    Clan of Xymox (
    Din Fiv (
    Evil’s Toy (
    Funker Vogt (
    Imperative Reaction (
    In Strict Confidence (
    Iris (
    Rotersand (
    Seabound (
    SITD (

    I bought the book from Amazon and have been alternatively smirking and snickering to myself as I’ve been reading it.

    I see this chart as an EXCELLENT way to find more music that I like, by seeing who else is in the box with them.

    Thank you for putting this all together! Now I want it on a t-shirt 😉

  3. Thanks for your kind words Bianca! I really enjoyed making the tree, even though it’s hard to categorize music. Clan of Xymox is on there as an originator of SynthPop. Most of the others on your list I’m not as familiar with, but I shall investigate!

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