Encyclopedia Gothica autographed now avail for mail-order

Back from my road trip to Ottawa where I signed and wax stamped the Encyclopedia for enthusiastic goths in the nation’s capital. Oh, how I would like to get on a magic carpet or climb into a custom hearse and tour the land meeting everyone in person. Alas, that’s the last promotional road trip in the schedule for a while. But I have now set up mail order for the book so that anyone (in North America) interested in an autographed copy can buy directly from me and have it arrive in their mail box. I’ve even put together packages so you can get a book and Gary’s art prints at once, or my Goth as Fuck package with as many treats as I can cram into the envelope. If you act now, there are no extra knives but I do promise it will gothify your life at least %10.

Please see the handy Buy My Book section above. It also lists on-line shoppes and e-book sellers worldwide who are stocking it.

As always, much thanks for your continued interest in my book.

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