December will be magic

December has always made me think of the Kate Bush song “December Will be Magic Again.” And now, that she has released a concept record about snow, I suppose I will think of that. But today, am thinking it’s time to tell you about my public appearances from here until end of the year. It’s been a great trip this autumn getting out to promote the book, and I hope you’ll join me as it continues into the winter. Wherever you are, let’s make it magic.

Saturday, December 3

The Artel, 205 Sydenham St.


UnHallowed Hearts: A Night of Dark Literary Arts

Liz Worth and I are boarding the Megabus and hitting the highway. She will read from her poetry collection Amphetamine Hearts and play the theremin. I’ll be interviewed about Encyclopedia Gothica. Locals Barry King (poet) and Bill Gillepsie (DJ) will join us. Won’t you? 8PM. PWYC.

Sunday, December 11

The Great Hall, 1087 Queen West at Dovercourt


The Bazaar of the Bizarre presents Frostbite

I’ll be selling and signing Gothica books at this market of the macabre. Will also be packing prints from Gary Pullin, new buttons and of course my secret wax seals. Come and buy presents from independent artists and craftspeople, or just say hello. 12 noon to 8pm. FREE!

2 thoughts on “December will be magic”

  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to say I’ve been using Encyclopedia Gothica for a little while and I’ve found it to be very well put together, interesting and insightful. As a non-Goth looking in to a subculture, I found lots of answers to questions I’ve wondered for a long time. I guess I’m mentioning all this just to say thank you. Sorry if this comment should have been posted or sent somewhere else on the website.


    P.S. The cover sold me. Also keep doing what you do.

    1. Thank you Jack for the kind words. It was always my hope that non-Goths would pick up the book too. And you’re right, Gary’s cover is awesome. Happy reading! (Or sad reading, as you wish.)

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