Poetry and Small Press Publications

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I’ve been writing and putting out poetry for a long time.

Starting in the early 1990s, I self-published The Ninth Wave, a “journal of nocturnal culture,” from my bedroom. Later, I started making micro-booklets to be sold at small press fairs and such. In 2006 I edited the anthology Nuit Blanche: Poems for Late Nights, which was packaged into a “poetry kit” by The Royal Sarcophagus Society. With my artist friend Gillian Holmes I also created the illustrated Sideshow Sonnets. And my poetry series Weapons was produced as a hand-bound, hand-stitched chapbook in a limited edition of 13, as well as printed on prayer candles, as part of the exhibition Beautiful Monsters at Toronto’s Gallery 1313.

On Tenterhooks was my first proper poetry chapbook, published by Burning Effigy Press in 2008. I have described it as a dance with death. In these poems, girls drown in Texas floods, Mayan boys are massacred, body parts wash up on shore, and memories are ravaged by the cruel sands of time. Much of this was written while wandering far from home, from America’s Southern highways to the back alleys of Cairo, and I was particularly haunted by the concept of The Missing.  There is restless free verse, sonnets and glosas. There are monsters. As of 2014, Burning Effigy Press has closed up shop and this book is out of print. A handful of remaining copies are available directly from me at readings, book fairs and other events.

I am always writing. Someday I may even finish my manuscript in progress, Requiem Birds.

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