How To Kill a Vampire: Fangs in Folklore, Film and Fiction

Cover design by Gary Pullin

Why do we stake vampires anyway? Can sunlight kill them? What’s the deal with garlic? Silver?

How to Kill a Vampire: Fangs in Folklore, Film and Fiction answers all these questions and more.  In this study of vampire destruction rituals, I’ve examined all known ways to kill vampires, tracing folklore and superstition from around the globe and the evolution of the legend through great books and films, Dracula to Hammer Horror to Anne Rice’s Lestat, Twilight and True Blood. I wrote a chapter In Praise of the Slayer, about Blade and Buffy and more. Most importantly to me, in exploring how and why these monsters have been created and the increasingly complex ways in which they are destroyed, the book not only serves as a handy guide to the history and modern role of the vampire, it reveals much about the changing nature of human fears.

I’ve been having a lot of fun promoting this one. Hung with a real True Blood vamp at a book signing in  L.A.  Did Strombo’s Halloween radio special. Interviewed by Fangoria and Rue Morgue.  Thanks to all for making my obsession with vampire books and movies worthwhile!

ECW Press, 2013.


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  • "Written with flair and energy, How to Kill a Vampire provides an exceptionally well researched exploration of the pursuit and destruction of vampires in folklore, fiction and film. A great read!"

    Dr. Elizabeth Miller, reknown Dracula expert
  • "A crucial resource for any student of myth and legend, for writers and film-makers, and every fan of the world’s favorite undead monster."

    David Wellington, on How to Kill a Vampire
  • "Contagiously enthusiastic about her chosen subject...Ladouceur delivers."

    Publisher's Weekly, on How to Kill a Vampire
  • "How to Kill a Vampire will haunt the dreams of everyone from cultural historians, to Twilight lovers to seasoned veterans of the horror genre."

    W. Scott Poole, Author of Monsters in America

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