Encyclopedia Gothica

Gothica Cover
Cover design by Gary Pullin

A guide to Gothdom, from absinthe to zombies.

Encyclopedia Gothica collects and defines more than 600 words and phrases —deathhawks! rivetheads! übergoth! nice boots! — about goth slang, music, fashion, art and culture, with biographical entries on goth icons from Morticia to Robert Smith. It’s a beautiful hardcover book, with an embossed cover and raw edge paper that contains 23 wicked original illustrations by Gary Pullin, a list of 13 Places to See Before You Die, and my original Goth Band Family Tree, documenting the evolution of Goth music from its origins in 1970s punk, new wave and industrial into the many sub-sub-genres of the 21st century.  See an interactive version on the Encyclopedia Gothica site.

Encyclopedia Gothica has been well received by reviewers. In America, Alternative Press magazine called it “the last word on the dark rock scene” while UK’s Dominion praised its “dark and humourous spin that only an insider could give.” One of the greatest trips has been the enthusiastic responses from some of my favourite authors: the vampire queen herself Anne Rice wrote kind things about it on her Facebook page; Neil Gaiman sent me a lovely note thanking me for “getting it right” and when we were both nominated for a World Goth Day Award he tweeted that I should win. I’m so very proud to have been able to contribute something about a culture I care about quite deeply, and grateful for all the great feedback from Goths around the world.

ECW Press, 2011


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  • "The last word on the dark rock scene."

    Alternative Press Magazine, on Encyclopedia Gothica
  • "Ladouceur’s humour is a welcome rarity in an oft-misunderstood subculture."

    Maclean’s, on Encyclopedia Gothica
  • "Thoroughly delightful....too funny, too informative..."

    Anne Rice, on Encyclopedia Gothica
  • "A dark and humourous spin that only an insider could give."

    Dominion Magazine, on Encyclopedia Gothica
  • “I never thought I’d enjoy reading an Encyclopedia front to back until I got my hands on this one.”

    Kat Von D, on Encyclopedia Gothica
  • "A comprehensive, erudite and refreshingly amusing tome."

    David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets), on Encyclopedia Gothica

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